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The Hospital Laboratory has recently purchased four new Beckman-Coulter analyzers to provide laboratory service to all our patients.

The Chemistry Analyzer is a state of the art analyzer. It can provide 56 chemical analyses from a small blood sample to include your blood sugar, chlorides, potassium, magnesium levels and liver enzymes to keep your body chemically in balance.

The Hematology Analyzer determines the number of white and red blood cells, your hemoglobin (iron) level and further analyzes the red and white blood cells which in turn indicate the health of your circulatory system.

The Immunoassay Analyzer is used to determine the levels of cardiac enzymes in the treatment of heart attacks, thyroid gland activity, stages of pregnancy, and prostate health.

The Coagulation Analyzer assesses the value of medication used in keeping the blood clotting factors in proper balance after heart attacks and/or heart surgery.

These instruments provide numbers in a relatively short time to the physicians to help them determine what medications need to be administered to achieve good health in their patients.